Trauma Insurance

Trauma Insurance

“I realised that illnesses also had financial side effects because everybody we operated on did not just get up and start going again. A lot of people had to change their lifestyles, and some of them even had to stop working. As a medical doctor, I can repair a man physically, but I can’t repair his finances.”

**Dr Marius Barnard, cardiac surgeon and the inventor of critical illness insurance

Why Trauma Cover insurance?

Trauma Cover insurance is about survival. Whilst many people make some sort of medical recovery, the likelihood of making a financial recovery is less certain.
Suppose a person has a mild heart attack and is seriously ill but is able to return to work after two months. Will he or she be as productive as before or stand the stress associated with working as hard?

Trauma Cover insurance (also known as critical illness insurance) provides a cash lump sum in the event of contracting a specified disease or trauma.

Five reasons to have trauma Insurance

Having trauma insurance makes sense:

1. Treatment – pay for specialist or international medical treatment, or pay for drugs that are not government funded.

2. Peace of mind – knowing that you can repay debt and avoid this stress for you, your loved ones, even your business, while you are recuperating.

3. Environment – you can use the benefits to cover the costs of modifications to your home to aid recuperation and rehabilitation.

4. Freedom – knowing you to have the freedom to live your life free from worry about life’s unpredictable events.

5. Choice – you get to call the shots as to how and when you spend the lump sum payment.