Total & Permanent Disability Insurance

Total & Permanent Disability Insurance

Provides you with a lump sum payment to help you or your family in the event you suffer a long-term disablement that means you cannot work.

Why Total and Permanent Disability Cover Insurance?

Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Cover pays a lump sum when you suffer a long-term illness or disability that prevents you from ever returning to work, or you lose the use of your limbs, or you are unable to undertake activities of daily living.If you are unable to work and you have income replacement insurance this will cover the immediate loss of your income, and while you may have selected to increase your insurance by inflation, it does not cover the loss of future potential income, such as a promotion, or future profits.

Five reasons to have TPD Insurance

Having TPD insurance makes sense:

1. Peace of mind – knowing that you can repay debt and avoid this stress for you, your loved ones, even your business while you are recuperating.

2. Environment – you can use the benefits to cover the costs of modifications to your home to aid recuperation and rehabilitation.

3. Freedom – knowing you have the freedom to live your life free from worry about life’s unpredictable events.

4. Choice – you get to call the shots as to how and when you spend the lump sum payment.

5. Future income – you can use the lump sum payment to fund on-going income for your family.


Many of us value our health and well-being as the fruits of a fulfilled and happy life.  But imagine becoming disabled, what would happen to your ability to earn an income?  Live a lifestyle that you have become accustomed to?  And your family?