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We are experienced Insurance Brokers in Auckland and can help you select the right insurance cover to protect the things that matter to you the most.

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It’s no surprise that I am an insurance advisor because reflecting on my life, a common theme that has played out for me is that of a protector. I am passionate about working in the insurance industry and helping people protect the most important things in their lives. Insurance has become confusing and specialised for most people, this is where I provide the most value to my clients. I help arrange the best insurance that meets their needs and will be there at claim time to help as required.


"I would like to share the support that Paul gave me during my recent illness. Paul had only met me earlier this year 2012, when he took over my portfolio from my retired broker. He was friendly, thorough and an active listener. We talked about my general health being overall very good and I was happy with my existing insurance package. This changed dramatically two months later in May. I was diagnosed with uterine cancer. To say the least I was traumatised by the diagnosis and the implications it would have on not only myself, my family and all aspects of my life. Paul made himself available to advise me on the different policies and the action I could or should take. The policies were long standing and needed to be explained and paper work tracked. I appreciated Paul’s calm and thoughtful manner in ensuring that all aspects were covered. He did not hurry or pressure me during my convalescence and supported me to complete the paper work needed for a successful financial outcome. I will continue working with Paul and would recommend him as an insurance broker who would serve his customers well"

− Christine Stuart

"Top qualities: Expert, On time, High Integrity” Paul is a very professional Insurance broker and financial advisor. He listerns to his clients needs and give them an honest opinion on what he believes they require. Paul never pushes his clients to do something they do not want to do and I highly recco mend Paul for anyone that needs to buy any insurance products.” April 4, 2012"

− Philip Kemp

"Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity “Paul has supported me well with my insurance and financial needs. I highly recommend him to anyone wanting a great honest personal advisor with integrity and thoroughness” March 17, 2012"

− Gary Walker

"Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity “My husband and I have used Paul Brill’s services since 2009 when we first got in touch with him to advise us on setting up life insurance and also to look at some of our e xisting insurance policies to get some guidance and advise. I would like to take an opportunity to offer a forma l reco mmendation for Paul Brill. In the time I have known Paul he has always given us fantastic service and is e xtre me ly trustworthy, reliable , knowledgeable and always puts his clients first. Paul always leads by exa mp le and his enthusiasm and dedication both inspiring and motivating. Paul has has worked hard to build authentic relat ionships with his clients. His efforts have always left a lasting imp ression on all his clients and I have no hesitation recommending his service to anyone. I highly reco mmend you contact Paul Brill for all your Insurance and Financial concerns. Paul will steer you in the right direction and give you sound advise and is someone you can totally trust. Regards Karen Farr” March 17, 2012"

− Karen Farr

"“I have known Paul over quite a few years now while working together at Canon NZ, Paul always put his customers first and ensured that service was always delive red with a smile. Paul’s ethica l approach to everything he does in life will ensure that he succeeds in all that he does and I will a lways wish him well. He will defin itely be an asset to any organisation he works with and I h ave no hesitation in recommending Paul.” May 3, 2012"

− Fleur Mookerjee Cartwright

"“I have known Paul Brill over many years as an accounting advisor, as a client of h is insurance business and as a trusted colleague. Paul is an incredible e xa mp le of a man who not only has an ethical approach to everything he does in life but also someone who looks to achieve a win/win outcome in a ll his business dealings. He is someone who always puts people first. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to any business client that he deals with.” March 18, 2012"

− Norman Johnston

"“Paul is a conscientious adviser, totally focussed on his clients needs and what is best for them in their circumstances. See Paul for all your personal and business insurance needs!” March 19, 2012"

− Tony Campbell

"“Paul Brill is a trustworthy, intelligent and service orientated individual who I can reco mmend as a business partner.” March 18, 2012"

− Phil Bentley

"“Paul is more than a consultant providing financial advice, he became a friend with the “best” for his friends becoming a matra. The best advice and the best support, underlined with integrity and honesty, Paul co me through and went the extra mile evey sin gle time.” March 18, 2012"

− Michael Johnston

"“Paul has very high integrity, and I highly recommend him. My families Life, h insurance is via Paul I will always talk to Paul for Insurance” March 18, 2012"

− Chris Johnston

"“Paul has a very strong rapport with his clients, understanding their needs and providing first class solutions.” March 19, 2012"

− David Bowen