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About Paul Brill

My name is Paul Brill and I have been an Insurance and Financial Adviser for 13+ years helping Kiwi’s make the best choices around protecting themselves through the process of Insurance Risk Management. I have an NZQA Level 5 Financial Advice qualification and work with all the top insurance providers in New Zealand to get you the right policy that is tailored to your needs. 

The Unfair Advantage

Insurance is my passion and I love helping people protect the things that are most important to them in their lives. Having me in your corner will give you an unfair advantage when you are looking for an insurance policy as you will have my years of expertise guiding you through what is best for you. 

Insurance has become more complex and confusing for most people to get a grasp of as there are so many providers with different types of policies for every need. This is where I provide the most value to my clients. 

I have years of experience dealing with companies that provide insurance and I will save you time by doing the research on your behalf and finding the right policy that is tailored to your needs. In certain cases where you need multiple policies, we may be able to negotiate a better deal for you. 

I will also protect you from cheeky underwriting clauses that might prevent your claims from being paid when you need it the most. In case of a claim, I will also liaise with the companies to work on your behalf and try to get the claim paid. 

I cover everything from Life insurance, Health insurance, Trauma Insurance, Income Protection Insurance & Disability insurance, Mortgage Protection and more. I offer financial services as well. Learn more about all the services I provide here. 

Is my Insurance Advice free?

Yes, you read that right! I am an insurance broker and I am paid a commission by the Insurance company that insures my customers. Engaging me does not increase your insurance premiums. 
I make sure when advising people that they understand the insurance products and can make an informed decision from my advice. So, if you are looking for an insurance expert that will give you honest and unbiased advice. Get in touch with me today using my contact information here so we can get your insurance cover sorted.