Private Medical Insurance

Private medical cover provides the funding to enable you to have private hospital treatment whenever you require more immediate access or a broader range of treatment options than are available to you through the public health system.

Why have private medical Insurance?

If you’re looking for private medical insurance, it’s usually to ensure that you and your family will have choices and peace of mind in the event that anything goes wrong.With limited resources, the public health system has to rationalise its resources, and often non-acute treatment or assessment sees you consigned to the waiting list. Balancing these competing needs means that you may not have a choice of when and where you receive treatment and whether you have access to the latest treatment or medicines.

The Heath Funds Association of New Zealand annual report for 2009/10 showed that private medical insurance claims totalled around $779 million.

Five reasons to have private medical insurance

Having private medical insurance makes sense:

1. No queues – you get access to fast treatment when and where it suits you.

2. Peace of mind – you won’t always be in good health, and should the worst happen, you can get access to quick treatment.

3. Environment – you’ll be treated in a comfortable environment with excellent care and service to speed up your recovery.

4. Choice of hospitals – with our private medical cover you can choose from the extensive private hospital lists.

5. Privacy – the comfort and convenience of your own room should you need.